Larsen & Brusgaard

is a small Danish company founded in 1981 and world-famous for its altitude warning devices for skydivers.

The company covers over 90% of the world market.

Brahe design was assigned by the company to assist with ideation and designproposal for the sport altimeter ALTITRACK™ which is the only sport altimeter with an analog face, high tech and durable digital components that surpasses every other mechanical sport altimeter currently available.

All jump information from exit to landing is recorded.

Golf kompagniet

is a Danish company and one of the largest suppliers of golf accessories in the country.

The founder, Jesper Phil, came up with the idea of making a winter golf mat for teeing off the golf ball - the Global Tee Concept™

Brahe design was asked by Jesper Pihl to realize his product idea by means of a thorough ideation and a design proposal ending up with final prototypes for product which reviled a number of additional ideas created by us. 

In a short time the company has gained vast experience with sales, product- and production development of golf products.

Watch the video presenting the

Global Tee Concept™

at Volvo China Open.

Parallel to the development of the altimeter Brahe design was assigned to design the Optima, which is an advanced audible altimeter, the Viso, a combined Digital Alti-Meter, Speed-Meter and Jump Counter- Electronic logbook and the Solo to be warn inside your helmet.

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Learn more about the event on October 14th 2012 when Felix Baumgartner jumped from his baloon and capsule at an altitude of 39 km waering the Altitrack on his left arm

Watch the takeoff and landing