When collaboration makes results

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Coloplast has developed, produced and marketed innovative and high quality products and services within continence, ostomy and wound- and skin care for more than 50 years.

Brahe design has assisted the company on and off with designs for more than 10 years in connection with development of new products, among others this fingertip opening device attached to the SpeediCath. The device makes it easy to open the package.



Brahe design assisted Coloplast in developing the "EasiCath" urine bag which enables people with urination problems to empty their bladder where a toilet is not always available.

The bag fulfils an individual need in everyday life and at the hospital.

Brahe design did the initial ideation of the product which was finalized by the company team in close sparring with us.

Coloplast developed this “Safety-Lock Tap” which is a unique two-step action opening valve that prevents accidental release of urine.

Simple one-step action to close.

Opens at 45 degree angle to prevent dripping onto leg and clothings

Brahe design made the ideation and priliminary design of the unit