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Brüel & Kjaer has been in the sound- and vibrations business for over 60 years. The company is currently the leading factor in the trade with offices in 55 countries and more than 1500 products.

Brahe design has assisted the company with designs of a series of products for more than a decade including: 

The Type 2694 family of 16-channel DeltaTron conditioning amplifiers comprises general signal-conditioning amplifiers for voltage and DeltaTron analogue input that provide an analogue output.


Brüel & Kjaer

The Sound Intensity Calibrator Type 4297 which is used for on-site sound-pressure calibration and pressure-residual intensity-index verification.

The Noise Level Analyzer (NLA) Type 4441 that analyses data from the weatherproof microphone, and the analysed data is logged by the System Controller. The NLA is a Type 1 analyzer and has a dynamic range of 110 dB. The NLA together with the System Controller can store a huge amount of valuable information in a database.

The Multi-field Microphone - Type 4961 which is optimised for multi-field response, which means that it can be used to get accurate measurements in a wide range of sound fields.

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