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ITW GSE (former AXA POWER) is an American owned company located in Odense, Denmark.

The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier worldwide of ground power units (GPU's) making it possible for aircrafts to get power when grounded. Airports all over the world are beginning to think greener and are interested in reducing their environmental impact.

To support the green airports and a better working environment for the airport staff,  ITW GSE has introduced the 7400 eGPU. A battery powered 400 Hz unit that helps airports reduce their carbon foot print, replacing their diesel powered GPUs by clean eGPUs.

Brahe design was assigned to assist the development team with industrial design to bring about the creation of a GPU that stands out on the market as an innovative solution where the appearance reflects the quality of the product.

The GPU was introduced at Inter Airport Europe in Münich 2019 and was awarded the Product Leader Award of the Year 2020

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