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Scandic Systems, an innovative company that designs, develops and delivers solutions primarily within the biometrics and video based monitoring and service solutions.

Good examples are the solutions for use in applying for a passport, driving license and other identification cards in the municipal service departments.

Scandi System can supply equipment for digital recording of the picture, fingerprint and signature of the applicant, and can deliver the system to control the proceedings, incl. communication with relevant core systems. This ensures a fast and flawless service to the citizen to the benefit of the municipalitys employees and customers.

Brahe design has been assigned to carry out the design of a number of photo-and self service stations.


Scandi System

Self service booth

Information booth

Digital photo recording booth

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The passport- and driver licence scanner robot has a large capacity for 845-1000 documents and automated feeding without lockers for each document.

The intuitive interface and automatic notifications make submission and collecting of documents easy for the costomers at the municipal service departments