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The SeaBat T20-P is designed from the ground up to meet the demands of a shallow water market. It is developed for users requiring ease of use and portability, while still demanding the highest quality data and a powerful feature set.

BRAHE DESIGN was an integrated part of the Teledyne Marine development team leaving a uniq design for the SeaBat T20-P Portable Sonar Processor reflecting the quality of the product.

The SeaBat T50-R and T20-R are the latest additions to the world-leading SeaBat T-series platform. The extremely compact and flexible rack-mounted sonar system with a built-in INS allows for fast mobilization and minimal interfacing. They provide uncompromising survey data in a highly compact package designed for small vessel use.

BRAHE DESIGN was an integrated part of the Teledyne Marine development team serving swift designproposals for the new RSPs leaving a design which is coherent with the SeaBat T series platform.

Teledyne Marine is a leading provider of multibeam sonar systems and specialty acoustic sensors for hydrography, global marine infrastructure and offshore energy operations. The company's  multibeam as well as single beam sonar systems range from portable high resolution shallow water systems used on autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to full ocean depth vessel mounted oceanographic systems.

The new ECHOTRAC E20 is the result of more than 40 years of experience in precise echosounding and market leading sonar technology.

A portable, compact and robust echosounder designed for survey in all environments allowing one to maximize the utilization of the equipment and reducing the costs by having one unit for all applications.

The E20 is easy to use and fast to mobilize allowing a survey to begin rapidly, delivering accurate results first time, every time. The E20 saves time and delivers results faster.

The ECHOTRAC E20 completes our portfolio of sonar solutions introducing yet another groundbreaking innovation into the day-to-day work life of our customers.

BRAHE DESIGN has been an integrated part of the development team at Teledyne Marine leaving a design for the ECHOTRAC E20 which reflects the quality of the product and a new standard for the new generation of sonar recievers.

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