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DISA and its sister company Wheelabrator of the Norican Group is a total supplier to the foundry industry. They offer a wide range of foundry systems, equipment, technical expertise and support which include solutions and various moulding configurations within vertical, horizontal and moulding technology.

Brahe design has assisted DISA for over a decade with our industrial design expertice.

The latest collaboration is reflected in the DisaMatic D3.

Among our ideas, we suggested the machine to be equipped with tempered glas making it visually lower and at the same time allowing people to watch the magnificent machinery behind the doors. A new operating panel attached to the machine  was designed to meet a better and more attractive user interface

The DisaMatic D3 was introduced at the GIFA fair in Düsseldorf in 2014.

Due to the integration of industrial design and the visual appearance that reflects the quality of the machine itself,  it has become a huge success already sold in a large number around the world.

Even more improvements such as better door locking sytem and handles were designed and developed in the newest and larger machine in the series - The DisaMatic D5, introduced in 2021  


Glunz & Jensen is the world’s leading supplier of innovative, high quality solutions for the global prepress industry.

Brahe design has been the company’s designpartner in connection with new developments for more than a decade.

One of the products in the iCtP series, the  environmentally friendly PlateWriter™ 3600 Pro, is a space-saving and affordable metal Computer-to-Plate system. It produces press-ready aluminium plates for small newspaper applications.  

The Plate-Writer™ has the lowest energy usage in its class thus eliminating water usage, chemicals and disposal costs.

The company’s largest product areas are plate processors for the offset and flexo printing industry, iCtP plate setters and automation equipment.

Brahe design was assigned to shape the Raptor Thermal sheet processor.

As part of the collaboration Brahe design has made ideas for the graphical user interface for the film- and plate processors and designed a number of  control panels

Letech Machines develops and manufactures custom-build machines based upon individual customer requirements. With over 20 years of experience from many different sectors of the industry, the company develops technical solutions to whatever kind of problems that might be faced, but has the main focus on smaller scaled equipment.

Brahe design was assigned to make the ideation and designproposal for this Automatic Punching Machine which is a complete unit, designed to follow in-line after a thermoforming machine.

OM Maskinfabrik is a small Danish company which develops, manufactures and markets wood chippers and agricultural equipment of many kinds.

Brahe design was assigned to assist the company in designing this OM S1300 M pallet shredder to become more userfriendly and with an improved accessability.

The machine is suitable for all types of shredding, both in green waste and waste wood from buildings. It is equipped with magnets allowing metal waste to be separated

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NHS Maskinfabrik is a Danish family-owned company.

Since 1980, the company has developed, manufactured and market chippers for professional use. The continuous development has lead to a complete range of chippers for every need.

When initiating the development of a new chipper, the NHS 450 Diamond, Brahe design was assigned to be part of the development team.

Machinery for Industry

Lifton Breakers (acquired by Atlas Copco) develops and produces hydraulic handheld and mounted breaker equipment for construction, demolition, utility, mining, and rental industries.

The collaboration between Brahe design and Breakers’ development department resulted in two hydraulic operating stations LP 9 and LP 11. Rotation moulded plastic were used for the product why they reflect a different way of thinking. The costs were reduced considerably and eliminated the old known production method of a welded construction.

The Quick-manual for the product was designed simultaneously.

Pers Kemi is a family owned company celebrating 50 years anniversary in 2017

The company develops, manufactures and sells machinery and solutions for surface treatment of metals and plastics.  

Due to the founder's philosophy about environmentally friendly products, well educated employees, and care for the World, Pers Kemi is to day one of the leading companies in Europe within the business.

Pers Kemi appointed Brahe design to be their design partner in developing a new line of turbo deburring machine and centrifugal disk finishing machine which were introduced at the VTM Fair 2017 in Odense, Denmark.

With its clean and stylish appearance combined with a user friendly interface and designed for manufacturing the new line has entirely changed the business' perception of how this kind of machinery should look like.

The logo for the iCtP series, designed by Brahe design.

Creating the product identity and visual appearance Brahe design assisted Glunz & Jensen throughout the development process in bringing about the new series of FlexoProducts which include the FlexPose 520 and the FlexPro 520.

The FlexoProducts were presented at the Drupa Fair 2016 in Düsseldorf

The FlexPose 520 DL is a drum-based, inline LED exposure unit.  With its unique exposure system and the drum allows variable rotation speeds for customized exposure settings.

The FlexPro 520 is a new generation flexo washout processor.  It offers superior performance through automation, saving both time and waste. This processor brings more flexibility and productivity to batch and incremental flexo plate processing

The WaterClean from Glunz & Jensen is a very environmentally-friendly filtration system. It cleans the water in an offset processor so that the water consumption is kept at a minimum.