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DISA and its sister company Wheelabrator of the Norican Group is a total supplier to the foundry industry. They offer a wide range of foundry systems, equipment, technical expertise and support which include solutions and various moulding configurations within vertical, horizontal and moulding technology.

Brahe design has assisted DISA for over a decade with our industrial design expertice.

The latest collaboration is reflected in the DisaMatic D3.

Among our ideas, we suggested the machine to be equipped with tempered glas making it visually lower and at the same time allowing people to watch the magnificent machinery behind the doors. A new operating panel attached to the machine  was designed to meet a better and more attractive user interface

The DisaMatic D3 was introduced at the GIFA fair in Düsseldorf in 2014.

Due to the integration of industrial design and the visual appearance that reflects the quality of the machine itself,  it has become a huge success already sold in a large number around the world.

Even more improvements such as better door locking sytem and handles were designed and developed in the newest and larger machine in the series - The DisaMatic D5, introduced in 2021  

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