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Cool Well

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Cool Well Cool-Well is a Danish start-up company founded on the idea of making an out door cooling unit for beverages and food.

Made of recycled plastic the cooling unit is a fast way to cool drinks outdoors. Once the Cool-Well is dug down it is ready to make the most of natural earth cooling, and provides cool drinks at the barbecue or anywhere else where convenient. The Cool-Well can keep food cool as well. It needs no electricity – only natural earth cooling thus being eco-friendly, practical and great!

Cool-Well consists of a container to dig down, a removable insert of three stories with room for 24 cans (0.33 / 0,5cl) or 8 beer bottles and 1 bottle of wine (75 cl), or various packaged foods and vegetables. The lid is tightly sealed and insulated.

Brahe design was assigned by the inventors to assist in making an additional ideation process followed by a concept development thus shaping the Cool Well product and making it user friendly and appears as a unified whole being pleasant to carry around.  

The Cool Well can be obtained at various on-line shops

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