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RUKO (today ASSA ABLOY) initiated to have a completely new series of padlocks designed and developed thus becoming the leading manufacturer of high end padlocks which should meet the highest standards of security within this segment.

The company decided to assign the consulting engineering company Carl Bro (now Sweco) to carry out the entire design- and product development process.

At that time Jakob Brahe-Pedersen (today owner of Brahe design) was employed at Carl Bro, and he became head of a newly established industrial design department, which was the first time in Denmark where mechanical engineers and industrial designers were sitting under the same roof enableing to support companies with an entire product development process. Thus Jakob Brahe-Pedersen was responsible for the entire design of the visual appearance of the series of padlocks introducing a number of features such as the horizontal bar as well as the colour codes indicating the security level from yellow being the lowest to the red being the highest.

All RUKO padlocks feature cylinders which can be interchanged so that only one key can be used for a large number of padlocks as well as other RUKO locks.

Creating the first sketches in 1988 the padlocks were introduced to the market in 1990 and recieved the Danish Design Award (ID Prisen). The padlocks were bought by a number of museums internationally and today part of the permanent exhibition at the Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen.

The padlocks are still on the market

A Danish Design Icon

Selected for the permanent collection at the Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen and is acquired by The Danish Art Foundation

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