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DanCof’s Bendt Skov got the idea to develop a coffin in PULP - a long fibered recycled paper material.

The coffin can be used for both burial and cremation, and is the first truly green and sustainable designed coffin in the world which can be mass produced.

Only a few manufactures in the World can produce this coffin.

Traditional coffins weigh over 35 kg, while this coffin weighs less than 10 kg. Only 1 ton of recycled paper will produce over 140 coffins

BRAHE DESIGN has created the coffin’s visual appearance as well as adding additional patent pended ideas to the concept.


During the Copenhagen Design Week,  the coffin was exhibited at the Bella Design Center.

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Presentation for the press

DanCof held a press conference  presenting the world's first truly sustainable designed coffin to be made of long fibered recycled paper and designed for mass production.

Watch video from the event.

Presentation on television

Presentation on a local television news station.

Watch video (Danish)

The “Hello Materials” exhibition at the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen took a look at new materials – as well as looking at the new uses being made of ‘old’ materials. Some come into being out of a specific need, for example the need to reduce pollution, reuse existing resources or save energy. Others are more to do with comfort, luxury, status and aesthetics. Some materials are ready for use and well documented. Others, particularly ‘intelligent’ materials’, inspire awe and stimulate the imagination but create more questions than they answer.

BRAHE DESIGN was represented among the selected case stories at the exhibition with the coffin created for Dancof.


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