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Replacement Ferry

Standard Replacement Ferry is on "the drawing board"

Good design, passenger friendly, energysaving, standard platform, modular, export potential, future oriented. This is the describtion for "Project Replacement Ferry". Perhaps most important: It shall be the frontrunner reflecting that the Danish island ferries in the future can be standarized - with all the advantages that can be obtained from that logistically, operationally and economically.

During a hearing on May 3rd at Christiansborg (Danish Parliament) the presentation of the standard replacement ferry was presented to the public and politicians.

The project is carried out in a close collaboration between OMT (Odense Maritime Technology), Brahe design, Claus Kruse, HOK Marineconsult, for the Faergesekretariatet (the Danish Ferry Secretariat).

The standard ferry (small size) has a capacity for 120 passengers and 19 cars, or (large size) 240 passengers and 38 cars.

The first edition is planned to be delivered in 2020

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