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O2 Matic, a Danish start-up company, develops robots for oxygen therapy for patients suffering from respiratory diseases. Since 2010, O2matic has been on a long journey to create this safe solution for oxygen therapy by continuedly measuring the patient's blood oxygen level, and by means of sensors and algorithms automatically adjust the dose of oxygen accordingly.

Having introduced the O2matic Pro 100 oxygen robot in 2019 which optimizes oxygen treatment for patients at hospitals (read below), the company introduces in 2021 the O2matic Hot 100,  by means of which patients can be treated with automatic oxygen therapy at home.

The O2matic Home Oxygen Therapy, has advanced software and AI (Artificial Intelligence) that ensures an unprecedented and unique course of treatment for patients in their own homes, which is recognizable from the patient’s hospital course. Thus this unique solution ensures that the patient does not have to become immobile by continuously wearing a sensor, but only have to take few measurements 2 - 3 times per day.

Again Brahe design was assigned to be part of the company’s development team and prepare a cabinet design and a simple user interface at the front of the cabinet to enclose the advanced components for O2matic HOT 100.

Learn more about the O2matic HOT 100

After many years of close cooperation with DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and a number of hospitals focusing on optimizing prototypes and algorithm it was the time to develop a medical device version of the product. After tests and evaluations O2matic ApS searched for a design company to be part of the final development process.

Brahe design was assigned to assist the company in finalizing the visual appearance and the user interface of the robot. After releasing the robot to the international market O2matic received the “Grand Solutions 2020” Award given by the Innovation Fund Denmark.

The success, and the Innovation Fund's honor proof that O2matic was right in the way it wanted to make oxygen treatment better for millions of patients worldwide.

For more information go to O2matic.com

Winner of Grans Solutions 2020 award from left:

Farzad Saber, Okan Ilker Görgen,

Ejvind Frausing