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Contex, one of the company's three brands originally founded in 1923, designed and manufactured printing machines, mechanical and electronic calculators and electrostatic copiers, which were sold worldwide under the names Rex-Rotary and Gestetner.

Machinery for Industry

The HD Apeiron/42 is‬ a ‪contact-free large format art scanner being a game-changer in the world of art scanning! The contact-free approach safeguards the artwork from potential damage while achieving remarkable scanning results. With unparalleled image resolution, stitching and accuracy, large format art and other delicate originals can be digitized with ease and precision. ‬

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Over the years Contex had evolved into  the market leader in the large format scanning industry. The long and diverse history has more than improved the scanning technology used today – and has helped to improve millions of people’s workflow in order to share, store, and enhance their paper plans and creative drawings digitized...

HD Apeiron/42 is a flexible scanner with natural light LEDs that do not compromise on scan quality and reliability when digitizing original artwork and fine art.

When starting up the development process Contex assigned BRAHE DESIGN to inspire, provoke and lead the development team through a design session. The close collaboration, discussing user interface, proportions etc., ended up in this ‪large format art scanner HD Apeiron/42‬

Global Scanning Denmark is a technology company developing scanning hardware and computer software. Having 30+ years of experience in the image-capturing sector, the company is the worldwide market leading scanning heavyweight.