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Marel (KJ Industries) is the world’s leading supplier of turn-key solutions for cutting, deboning, classification, packing, palletizing, transport and storage- and IT-systems for the International meat processing industry.

Brahe design has supported the KJ Industries for more than a decade with the design of a series of successful machine solutions.  The processing equipment has become recognized all over the world for their clarified user-friendliness and design.

The foil wrapping machine (left) has become one of their best selling products, and our design input certainly lifted the old foil wrapper (far left) into a new age that set standard for the company’s food processing equipment.

The Loin Puller enables automatically a loin to be left with exactly the requested fat thickness, no matter the varying anatomy of different pigs. The derinding capacity is 1.000 loins per hour. It only needs air and electricity supply whem installing.  

The design of the Loin Puller makes it easy to overlook and clean, and naturally comply with the highest level of HACCP standards. A touch panel makes operating and adjusting the Loin Puller very easy.

Brahe design came up with a number of solutions regarding the user interface and how to integrate the electronic and pneumatic installations in asimple and userfriendly way.

The slat conveyor is speedy and easy to maintain, thus reducing downtime and maintenance. Easy-to-clean surfaces and FDA approved slat belts make the conveyor a hygienically excellent solution.

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